5 stars for HOT PROTECTOR by @LynnRayeHarris 🚨🚨🚨 ON SALE FOR $.99 AT TIME OF POSTING🚨🚨🚨

Sophie is on the run for her life. She got mixed up in a Russian businessman who happens to be a killer and human trafficker. The only person she knows that can help her is Chase. Chase is military and part of the HOT Team, he is on R&R until a knock at his door at three in the morning. At first he doesn’t recognize Sophie until she tells him her name. She’s his stepsister, her mom married his dad. And he has hated her ever since. He thought she was the spoiled princess because his dad adopted her but wouldn’t even give Chase his last name. At first he thinks she’s just being dramatic until his place is set on fire. They go on the run but his guys can’t help him because it’s personal. She had a thumb drive that she mailed to Paris and they have to get to it before the Russians do. She is curvy and has always been told she needs to lose weight but Chase makes her feel sexy. He says to her “You’re gorgeous. The only ugly people are the ones who tell you that you need to change to suit their definition of beauty.” I thought that was the sexiest thing any guy could say.

Sex, fast paced action, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. They have a rough start in the beginning but Chase sees past her insecurities and finds the beauty in her. The sex will set your reader on fire!


5 stars for CHASING TROUBLE by @JoyaRyan

Jenna aka J.J. is a teacher and from the wrong side of town. Her Momma is the town’s home wrecker. She has lived with that her whole life but tries to live her life differently. She is one of the two teachers up for an after school program that gives kids a place to go. Colt is a bull rider and J.J.’s best friends brother. He only comes back to Diamond for short visits and then leaves without many people knowing. When Jenna goes out of town to present her ideas for the program, she ends up in a bar where Colt comes to the rescue. She decides to have a one night stand with Colt and let her wild side out. When Colt gets hurt and comes to stay with his sister, staying away from Jenna is harder than he thought. But she wants their relationship kept a secret until the board votes. Will Colt lose the only woman he has loved by telling the wrong person about him and Jenna?

Sex, cowboys, and small town gossip. I loved Jenna and Colt even though Jenna wanted to hide her relationship with Colt.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *

4 stars for THE RANCHER’S UNEXPECTED BABY by @LeslieNorth

Lena is a new horse trader and five months pregnant. When she accidentally gives away a hot tip, she gets fired. Maxwell owns Cooper’s Ranch and is wanting to sell to the Arabians. He hires Lena because she’s good at her job and it’s his baby she’s carrying. Maxwell has this notion that the sell must be made by him. When the Arabians don’t want Lena working on the deal, he leaves her out of it. But when a better deal comes through, because of Lena, he turns it down. Will he lose her and the baby to his own stupid actions?

Stubborn cowboy. Sex. And a surprise pregnancy. I know this is part two of this series but there was no mention of the other Cooper brothers. Lena is sweet and Maxwell is just slightly self centered.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *

COVERT GAMES by @KatieReus ⭐️ 5 stars

Leighton is cofounder of Redemption Harbor Consulting and former soldier. When his friend tells him about a girl being taken and it’s possibly a sex trafficking ring, the team is in. The man in charge is a Russian who owns several hotels/casinos in New Orleans. The FBI plans to take Alexei down but the girls are not high on their list. Lucy was orphaned was raised by her uncle, Alexei, the Russian. Lucy runs one of his hotels, The Sapphire, but doesn’t know what kind of man her uncle really is. Leighton isn’t for sure if she’s innocent so she becomes the mark. When Maria is located, the team finds out there are more women being prostituted out. They tell Lucy most of what they have and asks for her help. Hoping she is not the monster her uncle is but she’s been investigating some weird activity happening at the hotel. Leighton falls for Lucy but will they both come out of this operation unscathed?

My favorite Redemption Harbor book so far. Mr. Reus really makes her characters come to life and the story pulls you in. Action, suspense , betrayal and sex.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author through Netgalley *

* Releases January 22, 2019 *

5 stars for SEDUCTION IN SESSION by @ShaylaBlack & @LexiBlake

Lara is a Senators daughter, vegan, and writes a political blog that tells about the corruption in D.C. When she starts receiving threatening emails she hires a bodyguard. Connor is a CIA agent, one of the Perfect Gentleman, a group of boys given that name in prep school, and one of the President’s best friends. Lara hires Connor thinking he’s an ex vet down on his luck but really he’s there to shut down her blog site and see if she’s a threat to the President. What he doesn’t know is that she could also be a threat to his heart.

I loved Lara, Connor not so much at first. Connor will do anything to get the job done. Even if it hurts the one he comes to love. Excellent story with sex, lies, and suspense.

4.5 stars for WINTER TAKES ALL by @MillyTaiden

Juliet loves cold weather. She works for a firm that measures the snow in Alaska. Trevrick is a wolf shifter and supposed to be the alpha. But an incident years go had him running away and living in a cabin away from everyone. When he is in a cave meditating and an avalanche happens, something falls right into his lap. He takes the bundle backs to his cabin and realizes it’s a woman and his mate. Trev doesn’t believe he deserves a mate and keeps pushing her away. Juliet knows about shifters but Trevrick doesn’t know she does and he’s afraid of scaring her. She gets kidnapped and Trevrick finally goes to his father, the Alpha, and asks for help. Can he forgive himself and build a life with Juliet?

Wolves, humans, hidden treasure, and misunderstandings. Very sexy with a tough female and a wounded soul of a wolf. I just didn’t care for when one thing ended with Juliet and then when it was Trev’s turn he’d go through what happened again. I know it was both their versions but I thought it was needless. The story was still very good.

* I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.*

5 stars for THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN by @MiaPorter

Andy is a seven year old boy who wants a mother. He has been pen pals to Megan, a writer of children’s books. He wants her to visit for his birthday and she comes. Kane, his dad, works at a lumber mill and builds furniture and toys. Megan stays with them for a week and Kane has too many secrets he’s afraid will be revealed. When they are caught in a compromising position, he could lose Andy but Megan comes up with an idea. Megan has always wanted a family and she absolutely adores Andy, and has fallen for Kane. Kane is stubborn and hard headed but agrees to her plan to get married. But it’s not all hearts and flowers as the secrets he’s keeping could destroy their little family before it will starts.

Such a sweet story about a little boy wanting a wife for his dad. This is another pen name for Janelle Denison aka Erika Wilde. This is a little different than her others. It’s not as explicit but it is still sexy.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for book for the author *