5 stars for JUSTICE INKED by @OliviaJaymes 🚨FREE AT TIME OF POSTING 🚨

Rayne is a one of a kind woman. She moves to Montana to be closer to her sister. She opens a tattoo shop and stays pretty busy. Dare is the Sheriff and came back after his dad passed away to raise his sister. Rayne’s shop is robbed but nothing is taken. Dare and Rayne start dating secretly because they live in a small town and don’t want anyone to know yet. While on a date, her house is broken into and her place is destroyed, while she’s getting mugged at an ice cream parlor. She goes to her sisters after he breaks up with her. Dare gets drunk and goes to apologize. Dare moves her in with him and his eighteen year old sister, who is excited. She has a bodyguard twenty four / seven when he can’t be with her. She gets kidnapped and Dare only hopes he can get to her in time.

Funny, extremely sexy, action, suspense and a big growly sheriff and a tiny tattoo artist.


4 stars for TERROR AND TEMPTATION by @VellaDay

Tessa is hiding from her ex, running her brother’s restaurant, and raising his daughter until he has a liver transplant. When people start getting killed after visiting Tessa’s restaurant, Dominic comes to investigate. Dom is a police detective and believes all the murders are connected to Tessa. Her ex is released from prison and is after her for turning him in. He was a cop that had a gambling problem and was taking bribes. Dom has several cases he’s working and thinks several are related. No matter where Tessa goes, her ex finds her. Can Dom keep her safe?

Great suspenseful story. Two sex scenes. Lots of action. Several grammar mistakes that made he have to reread the line several times before I knew what was being said.

4 stars for DAMSEL IN DANGER by @OliviaJaymes. 🎊🎊 FREE AT TIME OF POSTING 🎊🎊

Brinley is a school teacher and has moved from Chicago to Montana. She bought a house and is in the process of fixing it up. Jason is an ex DEA agent who was captured and tortured. He lives next door and is starting up a business with a couple of friends. When a man is killed, he has Brinley’s address in his hand. Jason takes her to the station where his brother in the sheriff and she is questioned. So Jason is helping his brother figure out what’s going on. Then Brinley’s house is broken into and Jason takes her to stay at his house. The more they dig into the murder, the more confusing it gets. Then it turns out her house was the scene of a murder twenty years ago. They believe it all ties together, can they figure it out before someone is harmed or killed?

It was slow going at first and some of the dialogue just wasn’t smooth. But it is sexy, suspenseful and full of mystery.

My 5 star review for RUBY TUESDAY by @MariCarr

Teagan is a singer and songwriter but she just performs in her family’s pub, the nursing home, and teaches music to preschoolers. Sky is the lead singer of a band. He is hiding out in Baltimore to write songs for his upcoming solo album. He hears Teagan singing a song she wrote and offers to buy it from her. She refuses to sell and he places a bet, they will have a singing competition and if Sky loses he donates the money he makes at the concert in town to the nursing home. If Sky wins he gets Teagan’s song and she helps him write some songs.

When the paparazzi finds him, the Collins family sneaks him and Teagan out where they go to a friend’s cabin for a couple of weeks. But someone has found them and destroyed Teagan’s guitar from her mother. They set a trap to find out who’s trying to stop him from leaving the group.

Rockstar and a hippie dressing woman. The voice of an angel and the body to go with it. Funny. Very sexual. And a big Irish family. A rocker who realizes there’s more to life than casual sex and rock n roll.

5 stars for PROTECTING HIS ROCKSTAR by @TarynQuinn

Summer is a singer just started her career. Chase is a former pitcher who injured his elbow and is starting a bodyguard business. When he finds out she’s singing without any protection, he tells her he’s going to be her security. He’s a recovering alcoholic and she’s on her way to stardom.

Extremely sexy story. Funny. Characters that will leave you wanting more. Be prepared for a cold shower after this book.

5 stars for RESCUING EMILY by @SusanStoker 🎉🎉🎉 FREE AT TIME OF POSTING 🎉🎉🎉

Emily is a single mother of a smart six year old. She is looking for an apartment to rent because the one she’s in, the landlord has been paying a little too much attention to her daughter Annie. She finds an apartment over a garage of a Delta Force agent. Fletch has interviewed several people but when he meets Emily, he wants to help her. She moves in with Annie and life is good. Until someone approaches Emily and starts to blackmail her. Fletch thinks she has a boyfriend until he finds her running a fever and unconscious. He takes her and Annie to his house and starts helping bring her fever down. She’s lost a lot of weight from not eating. When Fletch finally gets the story out of her, he’s furious. He’s already fallen for the little girl and the mom but when they are kidnapped, he’ll stop at nothing to get his little family back.

I loved Annie, she is so precious. Funny, action, and hot military guys. The story will suck you in from the very first line. Some sex scenes and a story that will wish for your own Delta guy.

5 stars for OPERATION MAYHEM BOXED SET 1-3 by @LindsayCross



Caroline was set to marry General Rainer but leaves him at the alter. He kidnaps her and uses her blood to make a serum for soldiers, to make them super soldiers. Reaper is leader of his team and trust the wrong man. He and his team are given the serum and are turned into killing machines.

They escape but he returns to rescue Caroline because they need her blood to make more of the serum or his men will die.

As they are running from the Gen and his men, Reaper realizes he has not lost all his human feelings. He has feelings for Caroline but he has lied to her so many times, he doesn’t think she’ll ever forgive him when she finds out. Because he knows his life will be nothing but darkness without her in it.

Excellent story and characters. Lies. Betrayals. Sex. Suspense. Secrets. I couldn’t wait to turn the next page to see what happens next. Can’t wait to read the next one.


Whitney is not what she appears to be. She works for a charity that raises money for food and water for kids in other countries. She is a Domme for a powerful man and has a NDA with him. When her car gets stolen and her apartment is broken in to she has no one to call but her sister. Dr. Averton is working on the Mayhem project and is Whitney’s sister.

Hicks is one of the super soldiers the Dr helped create. They are hiding from the man who started the program and wants them back. Hicks had a rough childhood and when he goes to get Whitney, he feels an instant attraction. But when he sees her secret closet, he assumes the worst and tries to get one of his partners to take over watching her. But the more time they spend together, the more the attraction grows. As they hunt down who is trying to kill Whitney, they both realize there is more to the other than meets the eye.

Action packed, fast paced story with hunky super soldiers. Secrets. Sex. And great characters.


Audra has lost her brother in an IED explosion. She goes to her fathers to pick up his trunk and realizes they sent his partner, a bomb sniffing German shepherd, to her father too. She finds him and another man fighting over the dog. Her brother left her a message not to trust anyone in the military. She is going to avenge his death or die trying.

Diggs is one of the super soldiers with Team Mayhem. He thinks he’s the weakest of them and carries the guilt of his best friend dying and the other in a coma. When he is watching the monitors and sees a man beating a dog, he rushes out to save it. That’s when he meets Audra, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

As they try to figure out the message Audra’s brother left, they have to hide from the General who wants them back.

This is my very favorite book in this series. I cried most of the way through. Plenty of action and several surprises thrown in too. I can’t wait for the rest of the series. Ms. Cross knows how to keep you coming back for more.

* I won this ebook in a contest and voluntarily read and reviewed it. *