THE HURT OF LETTING GO *Cover Reveal* Lexi Bissen

Falling in love was never part of my plan.

The Hurt of Letting Go, an all-new steamy, angsty, new adult romance from Lexi Bissen is coming July 11th!

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Are we, or aren’t we? Conrad has been toying with me for too long, and enough is enough. He needs to decide if he wants to keep me or finally let me go.

Conrad Dugray

Falling in love was never part of my plan. I was supposed to graduate college and prepare to join the family business. My family’s expectations of me as the oldest son were far too high, and they were becoming harder to reach.

Emree was never supposed to be the girl I fell for. My family already had a future wife in mind for me and they would never accept someone with Emree’s background. I tried to push her away on multiple occasions, but it was becoming more difficult each time. Once my family found out about her, they would destroy anything we had.

Emree Anders

Being in love with a man who didn’t seem to want to be with you was a special kind of torture. Conrad constantly pushed me away and just when I thought I was over him, he was back again, claiming he couldn’t go another day without me.

My heart couldn’t take the tug-of-war game he continued to play with it, and I feared it might shatter the next time he pushed me away. I needed to stand my ground and make him decide if he wanted me or he would have to let me go.


5 stars for FATAL FALLOUT by @KayleaCross

Ivy is a former Valkyrie and now she is out of the shadows and trying to live a normal life. Walker is a former government agent but retired when his wife got sick. Now Walker and his daughter live in Crimson Point and he works for a security firm. One of his former assets, who was supposed to be dead, has returned and about to set a bomb off in England. Walker and Ivy team up to stop him. Ivy has information only she knows and gives it to Walker, which is her m.o.. Ivy is keeping a secret and Walker wants to know all of her secrets. Ivy trusts no one but she is slowly trusting Walker. When he finds out her secret, will he forgive her?

I don’t know if any of that made sense. Plenty of heart pounding action. There is a little cliffhanger. Sex. A reformed bad girl and the good guy.

  • Voluntarily read and reviewed for the author *



WILLOW AND THE WOLF by @ElizabethKelly.. My 5 star review

Willow is human and a little cooky. She sees ghosts and helps them get to the next stage. She goes to work at a security company as a receptionist. She wildly attracted to her boss Malcolm or Mal. Mal is a wolf shifter and doesn’t believe human and shifters should mix. His wolf desperately wants Willow but Mal holds him back. He has a weekend only affair with Willow but his wolf wants more. He ends up biting her without her permission and then tells her he loves her, after only a couple of months. Willow doesn’t believe him because of his aversion to humans. But when she gets herself into a little trouble, she realizes it doesn’t matter how long you know someone it can still sneak up on you.

Great story. Suspense. Action. Shifters. Sex. Opposites do attract.



5 stars BAD INFLUENCE by @ErinNicholas

Oh my gosh!!! I absolutely loved this story. I’m a big fan of Erin Nicholas anyway but with this one, she blew it out of the water. I love enemy to friends and this one definitely is. Bickering. Sex. And be sure to have Kleenex nearby for the tears.
Sabrina is coming back to Bad, Louisiana but her car breaks down. It seems if she didn’t have bad luck she’d have no luck at all. She lost all her money when her identity was stolen. She’s pregnant. And now she’s stranded in a little town with no money. She calls her best friend and she thinks she’s talking to Luke but it’s Marc.
Marc is Luke’s best friend and adopted brother. He knows how Sabrina wraps Luke around her little finger so he goes to get her. His plan is to take her to an airport, give her some money, and send her far away from Bad and Luke. But the opposite happens. She refuses to go away and the more Marc learns about Sabrina, the harder he falls for her.
She’s invited to a singing competition but decides not to go. Marc wants her to stay but also wants her to live her dreams. Will he give up the woman he has fallen for to make her happy?




4 stars RESCUING KENNA by @PJFiala

Kenna is a process server and lives in Texas. She comes back to her hometown in Kentucky because her dad is real sick. Her dad owns a processing server company and Kenna is taking care of his business. She goes to serve a man on the mountain and is beaten pretty bad. Kenna and Spencer are getting texts and pictures were it seems someone is following them. Her ex is making a nuance out of himself and he has a bad temper.
Spencer is a member of GHOST but is working on a security system for a base being built. He takes care of Kenna as she is recovering and they grow close. When the harassment gets worse they go to stay at the factory that was turned into a sort of compound. They must find her stalker before it gets more worse.

Edge of your seat story. Sex. Romance. Fall in love fast. The only thing was at the first it felt as if I had missed something. It still had me hooked though.

  • Voluntarily read and reviewed for Story Origin*



STEP ALPHA by @ReneeRose 🎉 Release Blitz

It’s a wolf-eat-wolf school, and those on the top–like my stepbrother–rule all.

Step Alpha, an all-new paranormal shifter romance USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose is available now!

1st Lesson of Wolf Ridge High: Dominate or submit. 

It’s a wolf-eat-wolf school, and those on the top–like my stepbrother–rule all.

Those of us on the bottom? We try to fly under the radar.

But now that my name is attached to Wilde’s, 

now that we’re “family,”

there’s no more hiding. 

And the cocky baller is out to punish me

for the crime of dragging down his reputation.

He discovered my secret

and uses it against me.

I would rather die than have anyone find out.

So I give into his demands.

My bed. 

My body.

My submission.

And the worst part? I don’t want it to stop.

Start reading today!

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5 stars for WYOMING MOUNTAIN MURDER by Juno Rushdan

Charlie owns Underground Self Defense, it helps women learn self defense. A woman she is helping calls saying her husband is going to kill her. She goes out to the house and finds blood but no bodies. Charlie is almost killed when the house explodes. Brian was in special forces and is now a cop on the police force. He tries to help Charlie but she hates cops. She finally agrees but it becomes very complicated. Brian is disturbed because come to find out it’s fellow cops. Now bodies are piling up and it’s a tricky situation to try and catch the bad cops. Getting Charlie to trust him is the hardest part but Brian is up to the challenge.

Excellent story. Plenty of action. Suspense. A cop who has fallen for a woman with walls sky high around her heart. A woman who doesn’t trust and is very independent.

  • Voluntarily read and reviewed from Netgalley *



5 stars for IDENTITY by Nora Roberts

OH! MY! GOSH! This was so fantastic! Plenty of suspense and a little romance. I could not put it down but also was afraid of what would happen next. I haven’t read a Nora Roberts book in a long time but this one has me jumping at sounds. Have tissues near for the crying.

Morgan moved around a lot when she was young because her dad was in the military. After the divorce, her and her mother still moved a lot. Morgan always wanted roots so she finds it in Baltimore. She works two jobs and bought her own little house. She gets a roommate, Nina. When she meets a guy, Luke, at her bar, they go on a date and she fixes dinner for him. When Nina comes home early because she’s sick, and Luke is there. He kills Nina and takes Morgan’s car. Luke is a serial killer and is killing women who look like Morgan and taking their identity and all their money. She loses everything and moves back to Vermont with her mother and grandmother. She gets a bar managers job at a resort and starts to rebuild her life. She meets one of the owners, Miles, and they start a relationship. Luke is crisscrossing the country and is making his way to Morgan, whom he blames for his bad luck. But it will not be as easy as he thinks to kill Morgan.

  • Voluntarily read and reviewed for Netgalley *



5 stars for PERIL by @KatMartin @AlexandraIvy @RebeccaZanetti

REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy

Tessa, a rookie cop, left five years ago after her partner was killed. She lives in Wisconsin and works on the Cold Case Division at the police department. She gets a tip that the killer, Deke, is back in Denver. She makes arrangements and heads back to her hometown.

Ian was a beat cop but has moved up to detective. When he heard Tessa was coming back, he made sure to be partnered with her. They had a one night stand before she left and he has never forgot her.

They work together to find the cop killer and Ian realizes she’s the reason he’s not involved with anyone. Ian decides it doesn’t matter where Tessa goes, he will go too. Can they capture Deke and live happily ever after?

Great story. Action. Sexual tension. * Cliffhanger *. Short but exciting and page turner.


REDEMPTION by Rebecca Zanetti

Ella, a bank teller, has been dumped by her fiancé. She is heartbroken and is getting drunk. While in the Cattle Club, her ex Caden, busts in and tries to get her to leave.

Caden, sheriff of their town, is former military and has PTSD and when he woke up choking Ella, he breaks their engagement and takes off. He wants to run for governor but not if Ella isn’t behind him. After being gone for six weeks, he’s back and ready to reclaim his girl. But Ella isn’t going to make it easy on him.

When the local diner is being robbed, Ella is hit by ricochet and has to have stitches. She gives in to Caden, just a little. Bombs are going off all over town and robbers kidnap Ella to get the money from the bank. Caden will stop at nothing to get her back.

I loved this story. Action. Sex. Second chance for love. A little cliffhanger. Cowboys and a wolf.


ONE LAST KISS by Kat Martin

Libby’s parents were killed when she was twelve and she went to live with her uncle. He passes away and leaves her wealthy but she must go stay at a ranch in Colorado for a month or she will receive nothing.

Sam runs the ranch and has known Libby’s uncle for years. He is asked to give her no special treatment and make her work while she’s there. He expects a spoiled, little rich girl but the more time he spends he realizes she has bottled her past up and needs to face it.

A couple of men stay at the ranch and realize who Libby is and take her hostage for her jet. Sam and his buddies set up a trap to stop them and to save Libby.

Good story. The ending was a little disappointing. Maybe it will be fixed before it’s published. Action. Bad guys. A city girl and a country man. Opposites do attract.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *


4 stars MOVING TO LOVE by PJ Fiala

Jeremiah is a former Marine, with twin twenty something boys, and owns a bike shop. He holds a bike ride every year and the proceeds go to veterans. Joci has her own marketing and graphic design business and is a single mother. Her son works for Jeremiah and gets her to help with the ride. As soon as Jeremiah sees Joci he is determined to have her. Joci has been cheated on and lied to so getting her to trust Jeremiah takes many months. When she finally agrees to go out with him, Jeremiah knows she’s the woman for him. The only problem is a coworker and then another problem pops up. Can they finally find their happily ever after?

Great story. A lot of sex. The only thing that bothered me was some of the dialogue ran together. It would switch back and forth without any separation between them. Not a lot but enough. Two people who have had horrible relationships find true love but one must get over her insecurities.