I am married with one son, a step son and step daughter. I am just figuring this out so bare with me. I love to read. My favorite shows are The Simpson’s, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother. I miss SoA!!!! Can’t wait for the new season of American Horror Story.

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Barb K.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Barb,
    My name is Taryn Blackthorne. So glad the cooler weather has come at last. Fall is one of the best seasons for cozy reading, don’t you think? My favorite reads this time of year are paranormals.

    I noticed you left a review for the paranormal novel Delicate Freakin’ Flower on Amazon. Since you appeared to enjoy the genre, would you be interested in receiving a free copy of my paranormal novel High Tide at Harvest Moon in exchange for an honest review? I’d send you a digital copy right away.
    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Taryn Blackthorne

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  2. Hi Barb,

    Your review for J. S. Scott’s book The Billionaire Obsession on Amazon caught my eye.

    Hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you directly, but you might like a book I’ve written called Jocked Up.

    Feedback from readers like you is so valuable! It would really make my day if you could check it out and leave a review.

    Jocked Up is usually $2.99 on Amazon, but I’m more than happy to gift a free review copy to you so you don’t have to buy it!

    Here’s the link to download it right now: http://dl.bookfunnel.com/wemvin1734

    If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this email and I hope you give my book a chance!

    Summer Cooper


  3. Hi Barb,
    My name is Alyse Nennig and my paranormal erotic romance Never Again is in need of honest thoughts like yours. Seeing you enjoyed R.L. Mathewson’s Tall, Dark, and Lonely I thought I’d interest you in a free copy in exchange for your honest review.
    It’s a steamy romance between a Hunter and vampire who, after secrets threaten to tear them apart, discover they are destined to cure the vampire race.
    If interested I can send you a personal mobi, pdf, or epub file or gift you one from Amazon.

    Thanks, Alyse


      1. Alternating first person – Main characters John and Hannah mainly with a little bit from supporting characters to get a feel for the people in their lives and what is happening around them.



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