5 stars for THE CROWN PRINCE’S BRIDE by @DonnaAlward

Stephani is the personal assistant to the Crown Prince of Marazur. Her cousin was married to him until she was killed in a car wreck. Stephani has been with Raoul for years and has been in love with him for just as long. She never showed her feelings while her cousin was alive because she loved her so much.

Raoul loved his wife dearly and doesn’t want to fall in love again. For fear of losing someone again. He sees Stephani as more than just his assistant but doesn’t want it to become more but can’t help wanting her.

Stephani wants her happily ever after even if she has to leave the man she loves. Can Raoul come to his senses or will he lose her forever?

Great love story between a Prince and his assistant. I really enjoyed it,

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for netgalley *

* Releases January 9, 2018*



5 stars for RIDE by @AllisonGata

Zoe is getting ready for her sister’s wedding. She goes to check on things and comes back to her sister gone. She leaves a note that says she can’t get married and she’s going away for a little while. Zoe has always been the one to clean up Quinn’s messes, so the first person she goes and sees is Quinn’s best friend Ian. Ian works in construction and thinks Quinn should wait to get married to a man who truly makes her happy. He knows where Quinn is but keeps it from Zoe. Can she forgive him and be happy?

Great story. Wanted to cry and laugh at same time. Very hot sex scenes. Enemies to lovers story.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for netgalley *



Alena is a model and is out for vengeance. Her parents were killed when she was ten, leaving her and her sister orphans. Andre is a billionaire and the son of a criminal. Alena gets close to keep so she can kill his father. The last person alive, responsible for her parents death.

Four months later, after finding out she’s pregnant, she runs into Andre at a gala. But he’s been keeping tabs on her because even though she deceived him, he still wants her. When her stalker escapes jail, Andre will do anything to keep her and his baby safe.

Entertaining. Fast paced. Surprises. Secrets. A short read but I enjoyed it. Sexy.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for netgalley *

* Release date is December 5, 2017*


TRINITY by @JamieKSchmidt

Marta is a witch whose sister is under the spell of an incubus. The only way to break the spell is with a vampire’s tooth and wolf’s claw. She goes to MacKenzie, a wolf and asks him to help her get a vampire’s tooth. Cassius is the vampire Marta was involved with until she gave him an ultimatum, to be with only her. When he wouldn’t she left him. Cassius has a better plan, for all three to bond and it will be more powerful than her plan.  Can they Dave her sister before her life is drained from her?

Short. A witch who will do anything to save her sister and a werewolf and vampire who both want the witch. M/F/M, M/M, M/F. 

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this book *

* Release date is February 4, 2018*


4 stars for WINTER VALOR by PiperJDrake

Junior is former military and she works for Hope’s Crossing Kennels. Leo is former military and is starting his own breeding farm. When one of his prize dogs ends up pregnant, he knows it was one of the Hope’s dog. He goes and confronts them, expecting a fight but is pleasantly surprised how accommodating they are. He gets a call from his little brother saying the dog is missing and his drunk father took her. They all go and search for her and when they find her, they call the cops on the man.

Very short story. Received it free from the authors newsletter. Voluntarily read and reviewed it.

4 stars for OBSIDIAN DRAGON by @CaraWylde

Natalie is a curvy woman with some insecurities. She has decided to become a mail -order bride. She goes to this place where they teach you about the different shifters and which would be best for you. She has been there a year and is getting discouraged.

Lucian is a dragon shifter and has been asleep for one hundred and fifty years. When he wakes up, his home is destroyed and there is no sign of his clan. He goes to an old friend and he explains all the changes that has taken place. He shows him the mail-order bride website and Lucian looks around. He comes across a woman who looks exactly like the one he loved years ago.

They start talking and Natalie agrees to become his bride. She is excited and they go back to his homeland to start rebuilding his mansion. But someone is out to destroy him and he could lose Natalie.

The only thing that I didn’t like was her reaction to anything Lucian said. I understand she had bad relationships but she was a little over sensitive to me. The sex was hot. Good story.


5 stars for TRAIN WRECK by @ElisaFaber

Pepper is an accident waiting to happen. Her father is a big shot producer so anything she does ends up in the papers or on the internet. She finds her fiancé cheating and leaves for a little town near the beach. Where she is trying to figure out her life. Because everyone she meets only wants a chance to talk to her father.

Derek has been best friends with Pepper’s brother, was a lawyer but now is trying to make his own film. Pepper’s father is putting up the money for it and wants Derek to keep an eye on Pepper until her brother’s wedding.

Derek learns that Pepper is more than the klutz her family thinks of her. He starts to fall for her but he wants to straighten things out with her father first. Derek ends up hurting Pepper and it will take more than a few words to get her to forgive him.

Never read this author before but was pleasantly surprised by this story. Funny. Sexy. And a little heartbreaking. I felt sorry for Pepper and wanted to smack her family.