5 star review for FINDING LYLA by @CateBeauman

Ok here I go. This might be short because I don’t want to give anything away. Heart pounding, pulse racing suspense.

Lyla is a famous ballerina. She’s beautiful, sweet, and generous. Her father is the Ambassador for Russia. She was born in Russia but her mother, who was a famous ballerina, died in childbirth. She always goes after the new year but her father wants her to cancel due to bombings nearby. She tells a reporter that she’s going and performing her mother’s dance.

Collin is former Army but works for a security company now. He’s big, handsome, and sweet. Collin just gets out of a relationship and is not ready for another. He agrees to be her bodyguard while she’s in Russia. He can’t believe how beautiful she is. As they go to Russia, they get closer. But the longer they stay, the more dangerous it becomes. Collin will do anything to protect the woman he loves.


5 SUPER stars for JUSTICE FOR MACKENZIE by @SusanStoker


Mack, Mackenzie, works for a non profit organization. She is short, beautiful, clumsy and funny. She rambles on and on about things that’s not even being discussed. Dax is a Texas Ranger and sees her at a charity event she is hosting. He forgets her but then when he and his friend pull her over for speeding, he gets her number. They start dating and Dax is working a case where a serial killer is burying his victims alive. He sets his sights on Mack and Dax takes extra measures to keep her safe. But the killer gets her anyway and Dax tries to get to her before she runs out of oxygen. 

Excellent story. Will keep you on the edge of your seat. I laughed because Mack is just too funny. I cried. Very steamy sex scenes. Would highly recommend this book.


5 ‘SMOKING HOT’ stars for CARSON by @MelissaFoster

Tawny’s father passed away and before he died, he asked if she had any regrets. The more she thought, the more she realized she did. So she gets divorce and moves to Paris where she is a perfumer. Now that she’s getting her life in order, the one thing she has to do is find Carson, her best friend and lover in college. So she flies to New York to where they are having a charity benefit for children with leukemia.

Carson owns his own cyber security company and is shocked to see Tawny. He can’t believe the girl he has loved for years is back. Even though she’s only here for a couple of days, he’ll do anything to keep her. As they get reacquainted, they learn they should have never been apart but Tawny’s fears sent her running. Hopefully Carson can convince her to give them another chance.

Second chance at love. A little bondage. Lots of sexy sex. Miscommunication. I bout cried at the end. Carson loves her so much, nothing can stand between them. It sort of reminds me of the song WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN.


5 ‘ FLAMING HOT ‘ stars for JAX by @CristinHarber

I laughed, almost cried, and needed a cold shower after this book. A smart, Mayhem princess with pink hair and an ex Navy SEAL now Titan hunk. Edge of your seat action and some seriously hot sex scenes.Jax is former SEAL and works for Titan now. He has a terrible past and doesn’t want love or marriage. 

Seven is raising her two adopted children, running a coffee shop, trying to keep everyone happy at Mayhem, the motorcycle club. 

Mayhem is wanting to get out of the drug trade and hire Titan to be a neutral party when they go to renegotiate the deal with the leader of the drug cartel. But things go south and they leave. Another meeting is set in Vegas with all the motorcycle presidents to see who will take over the distribution. When her children are kidnapped can Titan and Mayhem work together to bring them back?

5 SIZZLING stars for LOVE ME, I DARE YOU by @SableHunter

Emma has been blind for 12 years. She’s independent, beautiful, and smart. She is a bartender and lives in a little trailer behind the bar.

Josh was a bull rider until his knee is crushed by a bull. They call him the cowgirl whisperer because he can get any girl he wants. After his injury he returns home, starts some physical therapy with his friends wife, and starts working on the ranch. A benefit auction is held at the bar and eligible bachelors are being auctioned off. Emma buys him and she has a request, to have sex with him. 

The more time Josh spends with Emma, the more he falls for her. But will his past mess up his future?

A sexy, hot story. I laughed and cried. Awesome story 


CAN’T WALK AWAY by Sandy James (October 10, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $3.99; Nashville Dreams Series Book 1)

In Nashville the stars shine a little brighter, songs sound a little sweeter, and love lasts a lifetime.

 Young, rich, and better looking than a man has a right to be, successful songwriter Brad “Hitman” Maxwell was once Nashville’s biggest celebrity. Then a heartbreaking loss and a shocking betrayal caused his light to go out. Now, instead of pouring his soul into song, he pours beers at Words & Music. His bar is the perfect escape—a place to forget his past—until the night she takes the stage…

 Savannah Wolf used to dream of becoming Nashville’s hottest star. Now, as a young single mom, she dreams of a steady income and being home to tuck her daughter into bed. So when Brad Maxwell offers her the gig of a lifetime—playing as the headliner at Words & Music—Savannah discovers the best of both worlds. And she refuses to ruin this opportunity by falling for her sexy boss. Except that Brad suddenly starts writing music again…music inspired by her.


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About the Author

Sandy James lives in a quiet suburb of Indianapolis and is a high school psychology teacher. She owns a small stable of harness racehorses and enjoys spending time at Hoosier Park racetrack. She has been an Amazon #1 Bestseller multiple times and has won numerous awards including two HOLT Medallions. 


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By the fifth take, Brad was losing his patience.

Had he been wrong in thinking Savannah was something special, something new? He sure as hell didn’t think so.

Then why couldn’t he get her to sing with the passion she’d shown back at Words & Music?

Maybe it was the song. “That Smile” was his first attempt at writing in a long time. Perhaps it wasn’t up to snuff?

No. When Brad had heard Savannah sing it earlier, he’d known he’d written a strong song with a good melody and a catchy beat.

Something was clearly blocking her talent.

“I’m sorry, Brad.” She dropped the headphones from her ears to let them rest around her neck. Then, head bowed, she started shuffling through the sheet music.

He’d never seen her look defeated before, and he didn’t like it. This wasn’t the Savannah who’d been his muse. This wasn’t the woman who brought back his music.

This was…a disaster.

But why?

He watched her closely, trying to find some telltale clue as to what was going on today that had robbed Savannah of the passion and talent he’d counted on. Her hair was braided, the braid an eclectic mixture of blond and blue. A blush tinted her cheeks, and he could hear her nervousness through the quaver in her voice, especially in the last notes of her fifth recording.

Something was definitely wrong, and he was going to have to find a way to fix it. But he couldn’t do that from another room. Even though he could see her, something told him she needed something more personal. Unsure of whether being closer to her would make a difference, he figured it was worth a shot.

Brad started a new recording so he could capture the song if he was able to help her, pushed himself away from the console, and headed to the recording booth with his remote control in his pocket. He pulled the door open and stepped inside.

Savannah glanced up from the music, offering him a wan smile that made his frustration evaporate. She knew something was wrong, too. Maybe if they put their heads together, they could get back the magic.

After pulling a stool beside hers, he sat. Then he gently took off her headphones, plucked the pages from her hands, and placed them back on the music stand. She let her eyes meet his, and he could see her concern.

“We’re going do things a little differently this time,” Brad said, keeping his voice low.

“We are?”

He nodded and scooted closer. Then he wrapped his hand around one of hers. “You’re not going to think about recording.”

“I’m not?”

“Nope. This time you’re just going to sing to me. That’s all.”

Her whole body relaxed, and Brad had to fight the desire to smile.

“Sing to me, Savannah. Just to me. Okay?”

She nodded, and before she could get a chance to think about what he was doing, he pulled a remote from his pocket and began the music playback so that it echoed through the room.

The notes of the intro flowed around them, and he kept her grounded by not allowing her to glance away. When she opened her mouth to sing, he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze and offered her an encouraging smile.

And sing she did. Each delightful note came from deep inside her, and he found himself caught in some kind of spell, the same type she’d woven around him back at Words & Music. He hung on each rise and fall of that delicious voice until the last note echoed through the booth.

The song might have ended, but not the magic. Brad found himself leaning closer, his eyes fixed on her soft, pink mouth. Desire ripped through him as she mimicked his action, drawing ever so slowly closer until he could feel the sweet heat of her breath against his face.

With a groan of surrender, he captured her mouth with his own, giving her no warning as his tongue swept deep inside.

Savannah nearly knocked over her stool when she rose to thread her arms around his neck. She was such a little bit of a thing that he could stay seated and draw her between his outstretched legs without interrupting the kiss. As she moved closer, Brad wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her hard against him.

The kiss turned ravenous, and he realized that he was done fighting this attraction.




5 stars for TREASURED FIND by @NancyCorrigan

Jazz is a single mom with twins she adopted but everyone believes they are hers. Her friend is killed and his daughter goes to his brother. She is a shifter and only a couple of people know. She goes to Josh’s bar to explain things to him when she sees a tall, blonde, dark handsome man. Rafe is a Royal, he has three shifter animals in him. He heard about the little girl and has come to investigate the adoption of her. One look at Jazz and Rafe knows he must have her. When a shifter finds his mate, he doesn’t wait long to claim her. They are complicated steps they must do first.When an old enemy shows up, Rafe and his brothers come to protect Jazz, her boys, and the little girl. Both are keeping secrets and in order for him to mate Jazz, she must trust him and be at deaths door. Can he convince her to stay with him for an eternity and is she brave enough to go through it?

Secrets. Shifters and very hot sex. This is my first book by Ms. Corrigan and I loved it!!!!!!!!