5 ‘Awesome’ stars for ALPHA ONE by @CynthiaEden

Juliana is kidnapped while vacationing in Mexico. The man holding her thinks her father gave her information about their dealings. A team rescues her and one of them is her ex boyfriend, who’d left her without a goodbye.
Logan was a SEAL and now works for a secret group EOD. They go where others can’t. He has always loved her but thought she was better off without him.

The team will protect Juliana until the danger passes. There are others out there after Juliana and it’s hard to tell who’s a friend or the enemy. When the past could come between them, will they be able to work past it or will the enemy destroy them?

Excellent story. Lies. Secrets. Sex. And second chances at love. Will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can’t wait to read about Sydney and Gunner, two secondary characters.


5 spectacular stars for SAY NO MORE by @LilianaHart

I’ve probably said this before but this is the best one. Funny with some smoking sex, a little mystery, and several handsome guys. I felt like I was right there with them or watching a movie. By the way this would make an awesome movie.
Liv works for Interpol and has been searching for her twin sister for twenty some years. She is paired up with MI6 agent Dante, they are looking for a thief who slips in and out without anyone knowing. What Liv doesn’t know is that the thief and Dante are one and the same. But his number is up, he can either go to prison or join THE GRAVEDIGGERS. He chooses option two and goes off a building with Liv standing there.

Two years later Dante is sent to steal nuclear launch codes and runs into Liv who is looking for kidnapped girls. She gets taken back to headquarters with them to determine whether they can trust her or not. They are all sent to go undercover to an island where they think the launch codes and girls are. They must find the codes and girls before they’re auctioned off.

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5 stars for TOTALLY HIS by @ErinNicholas

Sophie is an actress and owns part of a theater. She is funny, sexy, and feisty. Her father is a con man who marries women to get their money and a place to stay. He used Sophie as a child to help him with the women, when they weren’t living there, they was is their car or homeless shelters.

Finn is a big, hunking, Irish cop. He is the fix it in the family. His family is huge and always in someone’s business. His mother is a good friend of Sophie’s and when her theater catches fire, he goes to volunteer to help get it up and running again. What he didn’t realize was Sophie wasn’t a little gray haired woman but a sexy young woman.

Between the play they are putting on to raise money and Sophie’s dad causing all kinds of trouble, Sophie realizes that she wants the big, noisy family. But will her father mess her chances up with Finn?

So very funny, sexy, and I loved it. I couldn’t stop reading it. Be prepared for some smoking sex scenes.

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*Release date October 31, 2017*

5 stars for LOVE ME IF YOU DARE by @CarlyPhillips

I haven’t read a book by Miss Phillips that I haven’t loved. This story is funny and very sexy. A little bit of suspense.
Sara is a cop who doesn’t believe in marriage and love. Her family is proof that cops and marriage don’t mix. She re injures her knee during a chase, she’s afraid she won’t be back to work. Then a man she is supposed to testify against threatens her, she goes to the one man that she knows will have her back. Her ex partner Rafe.

Rafe is a cop and was attracted to Sara but he was engaged at the time so he switched partners. He breaks up with his fiancé and helps Sara with guarding some priceless jewels at an auction. He gets stabbed and Sara stays by his side until he wakes up.

The Bachelor Blogger was at the auction and now Rafe and Sara are the next ones featured in the paper. Sara starts getting threatening mail and decides to go to Rafe’s hometown for him to help watch her back. Will Rafe be able to convince Sara that they could work or will she stubborn and not give love a try? 

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@BellaJeanisse Wicked End Series


Kink, mayhem, disaster… You never know what’s next when on tour with these guys.

Warning: For those 18 and over only. Definitely not suitable for all readers. Proceed with caution
Wicked End travels the world without caring what anyone thinks of their antics. Their North American tour is anything but typical. Girls are not allowed to stay on the tour bus for good reason. All of them did not do exclusive relationships and most thought women were made to be shared. Little did they know a hurricane would blow Mackenzie back into their lives and nothing would be the same again.


WEC.jpgA Rockstar Romance set in the World of Triple Threat.

Brandon Knight plays lead guitar for the world-famous rock band, Wicked End. His life is chaotic 90% of the time. The only time he feels content is when he meets up with his longtime friend and lover, Mackenzie. It was never supposed to turn into a romance.

Mackenzie Winters has a career in the stressful realm of Wall Street. She lives on the edge in every aspect of her life. However, something is missing. Something she thought she never wanted, and only Brandon can give it to her.

A devastating hurricane forces them to spend every waking minute together for two weeks, while Wicked End is on tour. The pull becomes stronger every day. They both yearn to admit their feelings beyond their friends with benefits arrangement. Can they find a way before it’s too late? See how it turns out in the first book in the Wicked End series.

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🎤 Passionate Needs (Wicked End Book 2)🎤

WEWN.jpgA Rockstar Romance set in the World of Triple Threat.
An accident brings reality crashing down on rock star and lead guitarist Brandon Knight. Fear and jealousy plagues him, sometimes out of control. It brings him and Mackenzie closer, yet it makes him regret promises he has made. He suddenly makes a decision that affects everyone, without consulting his bandmates, who are not happy in the least.
Mackenzie Winters knows where her relationship with Brandon is headed until their lives are rocked by a close call. Then she realizes her heart is his in every way. His fear drives her to need more freedom, although she is not ready. It does not turn out the way she had hoped and could incite violence in the future.
Can Brandon overcome the feelings that can tear them apart? Will Mackenzie accept Brandon’s need to defend her? How will they both deal with the repercussions? Book two of the Wicked End series will give you those answers and more.

Sinful Needs (Wicked End Book 3)

WESN.jpgA Rockstar Romance set in the World of Triple Threat.

Brandon Knight rejoins Wicked End’s tour days before they meet up with the band Gasoline. Besides his urge to settle a score, he misses his girlfriend, Mackenzie, immensely. Where she is concerned, he has his mind set on marriage. All he needs to do is convince her that she can handle it.

Mackenzie Winters is happy the two-week separation is over. She plans to meet up with the band multiple times on that leg of the tour. This time around, Brandon keeps her close and she appreciates it. When he decides to take it a step further, she freaks out big time.

Things have changed for the better for most of the Wicked End rockers. Can they keep their private lives private while the tour continues? Will Brandon blow the best thing he ever had? Can the band handle the fallout of another pending disaster? Find out in the third part of the Wicked End series.


Fulfilling Needs (Wicked End Book 4)

WEFN.jpgA Rockstar Romance set in the World of Triple Threat.

Brandon Knight, lead guitarist for the rock band Wicked End, has his girl back and they are as solid as ever. The move to Florida is complicated, but he is willing to sacrifice for love. When Mackenzie agrees to go to California with him for their recording sessions, he is ecstatic.

Mackenzie Winters is grateful for Brandon’s forgiveness and never-ending love. Her life changed more than she ever thought possible. It wasn’t easy to let fear and control go so they could just live their lives. She is excited to see the band in the studio and stay with his trusted bandmates. What she didn’t expect was to fall further in love and toss her vision of the future to the wind.

The pressure of recording a new album on the heels of their last release has the entire band in a tailspin. Can the band stay together after exposure throws their fans into an online battle? Can Brandon and Makenzie take a step into the unknown, or is she still terrified of the consequences? Book four will show you just how close this band is.

¸.•Find Prelude To A Wicked Wedding in Get Rocked in Vegas Boxed Set¸.•

WW.jpgBrandon Knight, lead guitarist of the rock band Wicked End, is thrilled to have his fiancé, Mackenzie, on tour with him. Being chosen to play at Get Rocked! In Vegas is a dream come true for him and his band. The weekend will be filled with great music and sexual fun. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mackenzie Winters is excited that they will have an entire weekend to explore Las Vegas and each other. She is anxious about their upcoming wedding, so she needs the escape. She wants nothing more than to marry Brandon, but planning a big event when neither of them have actual family to share it with, is tough.

In this Wicked End novella, you will get a taste of all the band members. Each has a plan for the weekend. Nothing goes the way they expect, but then again, why would they on this wild and wicked ride!

Wicked End: Kink, mayhem, disaster… You never know what’s next when on tour with Brandon, Scott, Austin, Chico and Jake.

Author Bio:

Bella Jeanisse lives for rock music. Addicted to concerts, Avenged Sevenfold, fictional rockers, and blasting music in the car, she can’t get enough. After her father turned her on to Queen, there was no going back. Of course, it didn’t stop there. Playing guitar became a pastime, which didn’t turn into a career… until she started to pen her fantasies and publish them.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York City, she grew up with access to clubs like L’Amour and CBGBs, hung out in Greenwich Village, as well as had plenty of friends in bands. No wonder rockers stayed on her mind. Bringing her ideas to life was a long time coming.

She is now living near Tampa, FL with 3 kids and 2 grandkids, as a single mom. Her family supports her writing even when it seems to take up more time than they feel is necessary. Can’t stop the muse, ya know!

Besides erotic rock star romances, Bella also writes about wild bikers, hot college men and more.

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5 stars for FORBIDDEN BITE by @CynthiaEden

Griffin is a hunter, a werewolf and a PI. He is contracted to hunt a woman who is killing men. Isabella is a born vampire but she’s not killing men, she just feeds from them and then let’s them go.
When Griffin finds her he feels an instant connection and she can’t use her compulsion on him. He gets shot and she gives him her blood but what she doesn’t know is that he is not human. That’s when the mating bond starts. Then when she takes his blood it clicks in. But his kind and a vampire are never supposed to mate. 

When the man who hired Griffin is after Isabella, he will do anything to keep her safe. But first he has to fight his Alpha to keep them from killing her.

Awesome story. Sex, vampires, werewolves and action.

* Voluntarily reviewed this for Netgalley and this is my honest review *


Throw back a shot of pure pleasure.

Leo Petrova has a dirty secret that’s about to get blown wide open. The exclusive VIP area hidden beneath his night club, Shot of Sin, is short staffed a bartender. The only available replacement is Shay—his temptation, his distraction—the one virtuous woman he has refused to escort down the secret staircase. Until now.

Shay Porter is devastated to find a world of carnal exploration existing right under her feet. It’s confronting, frightening, and maybe a little thrilling. Now the mixed messages from her dreamy boss make sense. He wants her, he just doesn’t want the vanilla lifestyle she’s used to.

Exposing an inhibited woman to a place full of exhibitionists and voyeurs is a risk. She could lose her job, her self-respect, and her heart. His club could be discovered and the woman he’s infatuated with may walk from his life forever.

Secrets are at stake. Friendships, too. And through it all, neither one of them can ignore the wicked taste of sin threatening to tear it all apart.

**Warning: This sex club does not carry the government’s stamp of approval. Contains devilish debauchery, delightful deviance, and dancing on the edge of the darkest of sexual desires.**

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