5 AWESOME stars for ONLY FOR YOU by @MelissaFoster

Bridgette is a single mom running her flower shop. She was married to a rocker and was killed in a car accident when Louie was a couple of months old. She moved back home and open the flower shop. She gets a next door neighbor who has awakened her girly parts after five years.

Bodhi is a covert-operations rescue specialist, broody, quiet, and handsome. He keeps his relationships to one nights because his job is dangerous and he never knows if he’ll come back or not. He is fixing up the house next to Bridgette for his mother. But he can’t get her off his mind so they decide to just live in the here and now and when he has to leave in a couple of weeks, that’s the end.

Bodhi starts to get attached to Bridgette and her son Louie. He kept his feelings locked away but they somehow wormed their way into his heart. Breaks both of their hearts when he has to leave but he has a job to do and it’s one he’s proud to do. Will he give up the job he loves for the woman and her son that he loves so much?

Very hot. You’ll need tissues because it will make you cry. I know I probably say this about all of Ms. Foster’s characters but I believe these two are the best. Bodhi has a romantic side buried deep and you’ll just fall in love with him.


5 stars for ALL NIGHT WITH THE COWBOY by @SorayaLane

Lauren is a sports physical therapist and very successful. Tanner is a bull/bronc rider and the best in his category. Lauren broke his heart when they were younger and he still hasn’t forgiven her. When he is severely injured while riding a bull, his sister tells him she got him the best physical therapist. The only way she will treat him is while she’s on vacation in Fiji. So they fly out for three weeks but Tanner is not happy about it.

They decide to have a fling while on vacation but once they go home it’s over. Lauren tries to keep her heart out of it but she realizes she never stopped loving him. Both are afraid of getting their hearts broke again so they ignore their feelings and try to go back to their lives. Except it’s not as easy as they thought. Will they take a chance on each other again?

First time I read this author and was not disappointed. Good storyline, romantic., some sex, and a little bit of a tear jerker. Told in third person with both pov.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases May 29, 2018 *

5 stars for PLAYING HIS WAY by @ErikaWilde

Stephanie owns a company that specializes in rooms decorated erotically. She is quickly rising to the top, getting famous clients and featured in magazines. Mac is a billionaire and just bought the Players Club, an exclusive BDSM club. He wants his friends wife to remodel six rooms because she works for Stephanie and he can’t get involved with her. Stephanie shows up for the meeting instead and has some great ideals for the rooms. Stephanie has wanted Mac since she met him over a year ago. Mac only does one night stands with subs from the club. He had a marriage that ended badly and he has sworn off relationships. There is a masquerade party at the club and Stephanie wrangles an invite out of Mac. This is where Stephanie gets her first taste of a dominant man.

They decide to have an affair until the rooms are done in two weeks, then they walk away. Stephanie has fallen for Mac and Mac has too but he’s afraid she’ll want babies down the road and he can’t have them, so he breaks it off. But quickly realizes he can’t live without her but will he be able to win her back?

So good. BDSM. Some smoking hot sex scenes. Two very strong willed people who only let their walls down for each other. I love Erika Wilde’s books and always look forward to reading them.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *

* Releases March 13, 2018 *

5 stars for THE BIG ALPHA IN TOWN by @EveLanglais @MillyTaiden @KateBaxter

Bearing his Name by Eve Langlais.. 4.5 stars

Jade’s sister shows up pregnant and she doesn’t know who the father is. She only remembers him wearing a toga and there were several there that night wearing the same costume. She sends out notes to them all and one day Ark shows up. Ark is a bear shifter but one look at Jade and he knows she’s his mate. It will take a lot to convince her because she doesn’t believe in happily ever afters. Someone is after her sister and they try to hide her but they keep finding her until Jade is taken and will be traded for Ruby, her sister. Ark goes wild but gets her back and takes her to his home. Can the big bear convince her they are meant to be?

Good story. Ark was a little dramatic and goofy acting. Jade see saws back and forth between wanting him and not believing they can make it. She pulls him in with one hand and pushes him away with another. Ark and Jade could be funny at times and the sex was hot. Told in third person with both pov.


OWNED BY THE LION by Milly Taiden…. 5 stars

Ally opens a new office for her company. Keir works for a financial company and knows Ally is his mate right away. The thing he has to do is convince her because of his previous manwhore ways. It takes a lot of convincing but she has strong feelings for Keir but doesn’t want to be one of his one night stands. They both go to the matesforhire.com and are matched. Ally needs money for her mother’s chemo treatments for a trial experiment, that’s why she signed up to be a mate for two weeks. Can Keir convince her she’s the only one for him?

Loved the story. Romantic, hot, funny, and a little sad. Ally is curvy and beautiful. Keir is hot and a lion shifter. Told in third person with both pov.


NO NEED FUR LOVE by Kate Baxter.. 5 stars

Mia is a wood nymph and her father has given her an ultimatum….in order to be a member of the ruling nymphs… produce an heir or he’ll find a mate for her. So she goes out to a bar looking for a man to have sex with. She never expected Owen, a werewolf shifter. Owen is down because his Alpha found his mate but doesn’t think he will until Mia sits down beside him. He and his wolf knows she’s their mate but she only wants a one night stand hoping to get pregnant. When she tells her father she’s with an heir, he tells her she’ll never help rule the nymphs. He found out there are werewolves in the area, he wants them run out. He plans to attack on the full moon and Mia must decide if she helps her mate or her father.

Good story. A feisty wood nymph and a sexy as sin werewolf. Short but very hot. Told in third person with both pov.

* Releases May 15, 2018 *

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

5 ‘ suspenseful ‘ stars for DEADLY SECRET by @TaraThomas

Wow! Plenty of suspense, surprises, and sexy scenes. Bea is an attorney who was beaten and left on the Benedict’s porch. Knox is rich and he and Bea secretly got married. When Knox comes to the hospital, she tells him to leave she never wants to see him again. See while she was getting beat up, the man told her to stay away from Knox or he’d be killed. So to keep him safe she tells him she wants nothing to do with him. But she is still getting threatening notes and phone calls. She finally breaks down and tells Knox everything. He moves her to his house because it’s safer there. They are trying to figure out who wants to kill them and why. But the danger is closer than either thought.

Cliffhanger. Shocking surprises. Love. This will have you biting your nails and wonder what will happen next. I read this in one day.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Release date March 27, 2018 *


Willow Haven’s content. Okay, that’s a lie, but she has tried her damndest. Trouble is, it never sticks. Second oldest in a family her town was named after, she’s always felt the pressure. From the townspeople, from her sisters, but most of all from her daddy—the original Good Old Boy and Havenbrook’s reigning mayor. The only time she didn’t feel that stress had been those blissful months spent in the arms of the resident bad boy. The same one who broke her heart beyond repair when he left without a word.

Life hasn’t come easy for Finn Thomas. He’s had to claw and fight for everything he’s ever had—and truth be told, it hasn’t been much. He spent the first eighteen years of his life living so far from the wrong side of the tracks, he couldn’t even see them through his trailer window. The only thing that ever came easy for him and made his sorry ass happy was the one girl he loved with all his heart. And the one thing he had no choice but to leave behind.

When an opportunity arises to return to his tiny, southern hometown and open the first bar in a formerly dry county, he jumps at the chance. That won’t win him points with the mayor, who’s hell bent on making Finn’s life a nightmare for sullying his namesake. Too bad for Mayor Haven, Finn’s got his sights set on more than just the town, and this time he won’t be scared off quite so easily.

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5 stars for BORN WITH A SILVER MOON by @MillyTaiden

Riley and her friends know a matchmaker who takes them to another planet to find their mates. They go to Galaxea, one is pregnant and is about to marry the King. Riley is attracted to the King’s brother Jag. Jag is a playboy, a lion shifter and the Prince. Jag and Riley go to the markets to search for food, decorations, and music for the wedding and coronation. They find two kids living on the streets by themselves. They take them back to the palace and then the boy runs away and then is kidnapped. They send out a search team, along with Riley but when they are attacked and Riley is taken, Jag will do anything to get her back.

Short but very good story. Shifters, curvy women, and beyond good looking men. Bloody with action and suspense. The sex is out of this world ( 😄😄😄 ).

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *

* Releases March 16, 2018 *