Noel owns a coffee shop and mentors with Big Sisters. Travis is former military and now works for Red Stone Security. He has a week off and goes to Noel’s shop to see her but she’s coming out as he’s going in and she’s upset. Her Little Sister called and said her mom and her ex were arguing outside. Travis goes with Noel to check in them. They arrive and they hear a gunshot. Tra is goes in and ends up killing the ex boyfriend. Noel and Travis start spending lots of time together after and it gets steamy. Neither really thought they had a chance with each other but both have been interested in the other since they met. When Noel is attacked, it brings them closer together and they both know they are with the one meant for them.

Noel is sweet, sexy, and a strong. Travis is a hunky, tattooed, pierced ex military. Steamy. Short but oh so good.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

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