Olivia is in advertising and the night before she’s supposed to find out if she’s made partner, she goes out with her friend Chloe. Olivia is known as the Ice Queen, all work and no play, so when Olivia dares her to have a one night stand with a stranger, she goes for it. Cole is back in New York after working in London for years. He is starting a new job and is out having a couple of drinks. Olivia comes up and starts flirting and then when she asks “ your place or mine?” he’s ready and raring to go.

When Olivia gets to the office the next day and goes for her meeting with her boss, she’s shocked to see Cole there. And then to find out he got the job she thought was hers. She is furious and hurt too. When Cole and Olivia work on a project together, they can’t keep their hands off each other. But then Cole totally screws up and might lose the woman he has ever loved if he doesn’t find a way to get her to forgive him.

First time reading this author and I must say it hopefully won’t be my last. You have a sexy, rich, smart guy who messes up just like most men do. A beautiful, former beauty pageant contestant, smart and only wants to climb the ladder without help from anyone. Sexy, funny, a tough woman who’s not afraid to stand up for herself. I really enjoyed this story and hope all who reads it will too.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this book for Netgalley *

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