Kayla is a professional surfer and is in the top of her game. Until she losses her home and job because she’s pregnant. Caz is an ex boyfriend whom she dated eight years ago until he cheated on her. Caz is a surfer and number one. He offers his apartment above his garage until Kayla figures out what she’s going to do. She tries to keep her distance but Caz keeps showing how he’s changed. But he keeps running away from her. When he breaks a promise, Kayla knows she let him into her heart, and it’s just too much and decides to go home to her mother. Can Caz prove he’s the man for her or will he just mess up again?

Good story. Sexy. Honestly Caz tried to be a better man but I think he honestly didn’t know how. Kayla can go from hot to cold in a second. I understand her not trusting him but there are other things I don’t much like about her. I mean she is strong and independent but I just didn’t like her choices. I enjoyed the story and I think most of you will too.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases December 11, 2018 *

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