Garrett is Special Forces. When him and his team go to take out a human trafficker, he finds his fiancee who was said to have been killed over a year ago. Sage was on the run in Africa until she’s captured and taken to Bangkok to be sold. Once their back stateside Garrett fights his dominant nature but Sage wants him to let go of the leash and explore this with her. When she is ‘re- kidnapped and he goes in to rescue her, he must finally show his dominance over her.

This was a sexy story about hot military men and a man fighting his dominant nature. He goes to another woman to try and get it out of his system. He doesn’t actually have sex but almost. He then goes right back to Sage with scratch marks on his neck. I thought she should have tossed him out on his butt or beat the crap out of him. Apparently this was called SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE when I read it the first time. Because after reading it, when it pops up for a review that was the titled and I’d already wrote a review. In that one I wrote about him going to another woman but in this one he just gets drunk. He does come back with scratches but they never say how he got them. I really did like the story this time around and don’t even remember reading it the first time.

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