Shelby is an investigative reporter and has been looking into the murder/suicide of Bennett and Iris Lawless. She wants to write a book and tell what really happened. Drew is the oldest of the Lawless siblings and is a computer nerd and a billionaire. He is socially awkward and not very romantic. He draws up a NDA for Shelby to sign. They are investigating his parents death but he doesn’t want his brothers or sister to know. She has to also agree to be his girlfriend and go to social functions with him and be the doting girlfriend. Drew has found the one person who doesn’t back down from him and it’s a major turn on for him. But he has trust issues and at the littlest infraction he thinks Shelby has done, he blows up. The more they dig, the more dangerous it gets.

Spectacular story. I laughed, I about cried, and I wanted to yell at them. A hunky billionaire and a red haired reporter but when they get together, the sparks fly high and bright. Action, mystery, sex, and family.

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