Jag is centuries old and a Knights of White, leader of the warriors who fight the demons. They have a beast inside them and fight the Darklands, they are evil and are under Cain. Karen has traveled the world but keeps having erotic dreams about a stranger. On her way to her sister Eva’s, whose husband was killed, she sees the stranger at the airport. Jag thinks she’s the enemy and out to destroy him.

When she gets to her sister’s, she not herself, it’s almost like she’s in a trance or something. Karen takes her to the hospital but there’s nothing they can find wrong. They suggest putting her in a facility but a nurse stops her in the hallway and tells her about Jaguar Ranch. Jag is there and his Knights. They have a healer that hopefully save her sister.

Jag had those same dreams that Karen did and he’s afraid of his beast coming out and harming her. But he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Excellent story. Action, pain, sex, and love that lasts through the centuries. Supernatural powers and of course evil monsters.

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