Gianna signs up for a surrogate program on another planet. The planet is almost like Earth but it is inhabited by shifters. There was a war and they lost all the females. Gianna is supposed to be a wolf surrogate but when the King sees her he knows she’s his mate. Voss is the King and a dragon shifter. His number two is his best friend Azar and they have a brother bond. He hopes she’s Azar’s mate too so they can share her. When the wolves find out, they are not happy but understand that she is their mate. A rogue wolf wants her for himself and will do anything to get her.

Great story with an alien planet just wanting to be repopulated so they get Earth women. Steamy sex scenes. And some action. The cover doesn’t match the people described in the story. That is a little irritating.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Booksprout *

* Releases November 30, 2018 *

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