Janice has been raised on a ranch, she knows all about bulls. She travels to the rodeos and provides the bulls. Dirk is a bull rider and is dating a Rodeo Queen. But they break up and asks Janice if he can stay in her trailer and of course sex is involved. When he ignores her and then takes off, she has no one to turn to but Grady. Grady is rough and loves the ladies. Janice gets a call from her mom telling her her father is very ill. Grady thinks he’ll get their ranch when they marry.

Now many years later Janice is back in her hometown. Dirk is back after being injured in the Marines and trying to get his ranch running. He wants Janice but because of his injury he’s ashamed but he also knows she comes with a child. Can he get over is insecurities and finally be happy?

Ok this book was good but some things bothered me. 1. Instead of saying so many years past, at the beginning of the chapter, it waits a couple of paragraphs to tell you.

2. When she talks about not being able to get pregnant, she never tells why. It was like some of the book was missing.

You have cowboys, bull riders, death, secrets, and sex. Second chance at love.

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