Ava has a twin Aine and their best friend is getting married and they are in the wedding. Razor owns a security company with some of his Army buddies. He meet Ava last year and hasn’t stopped thinking about her. He is partnered with Ava to walk with in the wedding and it’s torture for him. When they get a

job at the wedding, it’s to protect Ava. She witnessed her ex boyfriend making some kind of trade off with a thug. Now she has to testify what she saw. What she doesn’t know is that the company her ex worked for is headed by someone close to her. Now Razor has to keep Ava safe and find the person after her.


1. First time reading this author – PRO

2. Ava and Razor drove me crazy. Ava can tell when Razor is lying but instead of telling him, she gets mad and hides in her room. Which in turn upsets Razor and they give each other the silent treatment. – CON

3. The sex was pretty hot 🥵 -PRO

4. The action and suspense was the only thing that kept me reading. -PRO

5. Slight cliffhanger. -CON

* Now if you want to read this it is FREE AT TIME OF POSTING *

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