Brent is an ex-con who served twenty years in jail for killing his father. He’s a recluse, hateful, and doesn’t like people. He’s been out of jail for four years and one night a woman shows up. Anna got a call from her father telling her to run, he had some bad people after him and they would be after her. He told her to go to the only person he trusted, Brent. They were inmates for five years in prison. He had been accused of stealing money. Anna is a schoolteacher and is ready for summer until she gets that call and then the police tell her her father committed suicide by falling on train tracks. Anna doesn’t trust men and she sure doesn’t trust an ex-con. Brent doesn’t want anyone in his house but Anna’s dad was his best friend and he’d do anything for him and now Anna too. As they start running for their life and trying to figure out where Anna’s dad sent her a package, Brent realizes having someone who cares for him isn’t so bad.

Excellent story with sex, fast paced action, and suspense. It’ll get your heart racing and it’ll have you cheering them on. I could not put this book down, it had me on the edge of my seat.

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