Chloe has been under her brother’s thumb for three years. He is a part of the Mafia and has threatened her with his mob connections. When he makes her start working at his strip club, it’s only a matter of time before he prostitutes her out. Ronan was a former special forces operative for the British air service. Now he is part of the Mountain Mercenaries, they help rescue abused or kidnapped women and children. When Chloe stumbles into his garage, he sees a bruise and asks her if she needs help. When he and his teammates find her in the strip club, they figure out a way to get her out. They end up kidnapping her after forcing her brother off the road. She’s scared but finally trusts Ro and his friends. When she’s kidnapped again, Ro will do anything to get her back.

I absolutely loved this story. Strong women and sexy men. Cruel and evil brother and his girlfriend. Sex, secrets, and action. This story will have you so engrossed you will have it read in no time.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases December 4, 2018 *

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