Savannah returns to her hometown in Virginia after being humiliated by her boyfriend and fired from her job at a newspaper. When she gets to write a human interest story for a magazine in Phoenix, she jumps at it. Asher is a war vet and hasn’t left his house in eight years except for doctors appointments. He has his arm blown off, an ear, half his face is scarred and so is his leg when an IED blew up right in front of him.

Savannah shows up on Asher’s porch wanting to write a piece about him. They do the sessions over several weeks and three times a week. The more time they spend, the more they fall for each other. When the story comes out, it’s not what she wrote and makes Asher look like a monster. Can Asher forgive Savannah or will she lose the only man that she has loved?

OMG! What an excellent book. Funny, steamy, and may cause crying. A wounded vet and a down on her luck reporter.

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