Straight laced, uptight Mary has met her match in Brodie Crews. He is blatantly sexual and a tease. Which is something that irritates her but also turns her on. Mary had a rough childhood which has made her depend on nobody but herself. She works for an eccentric, very wealthy man. He buys collectibles and Mary picks them up. Brodie owns a transport company along with his brother. Mary’s boss wants to hire Brodie but she didn’t get a very good first impression of him.

Mary always travels with the driver and the longer she’s with Brodie she realizes he is a really good man. He rescued a dog and it travels everywhere he goes. When their office gets broken in to but nothing is stolen, they set up security and try to figure out who could have done it. But when it becomes more dangerous, Brodie will do anything to keep Mary safe.

First in a new series by Mrs. Foster and it is going to be another winner. A woman with sexy curves and all professional. A handsome guy that lives life for his family and dog and having fun. A whole crew of people that love Mary but she’s not used to the emotion and keeps her distance until Brodie shows her what love is. Suspense, sex, and a big old dog. Can’t wait for the next in this series.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases on November 20, 2018 *

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