I usually start my reviews with what the book is about first and then what I thought about it at the end. But this book was so freaking hilarious I have to tell about that first. It’s sexy with an ex biker and a full figured accountant that talks ways too much. I had never even heard of this author before but the info on Netgalley sounded good so I requested it. I am so glad I did. I have never laughed so much while reading a book. Action, suspense,and sex. Also several secondary characters that are just as entertaining and a smelly, deaf dog.

Mary is a senior accountant for Vitruvius Specialist Security Solutions’ and barely gets by. Crash is an ex biker, ex military and is hired by Mary’s boss to find out how a trucking company is being high jacked. Crash is rough, rude, and sexy. They are partnered up together and while Crash is undercover as a truck driver, Mary gets caught while he is being high jacked. A man gets killed, now the boss of the high jackers wants Crash and Mary dead. Crash convinces him to let him work for him to keep Mary safe. But Crash is playing to take him down but they have to figure out who he is first. Can Crash get the job done and keep the girl?

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