Rory is a scientist and lives on a farm with her father. There is a bacteria that is antibiotic resistant and lots of people have died. Navy was experimented on and has blue covering half his face, arms and torso. He is a former SEAL and is looking for Rory to protect her and take her to a group that is working on a cure. The only problem, a General also has people working on a cure but wants to only give it to certain people. When Rory finds out Navy and her father has been keeping things from her, can she forgive them?

This is sort of in the future and there’s a lot of confusing medical words. Action and secrets. To people trying to save the world fall in love. All the characters dialogue ran together, but hopefully that will be fixed in the published version. I was lost most of the time but it still had me hooked.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases October 16, 2018 *

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