Riley is a psychologist and new to the Seattle area. While going home one night she thinks she hears howling so she decides to follow it. But is then attacked and two men come to her rescue. Derek is a werewolf, Alpha of his pack, and a cop. He and a couple of pack mates patrol the streets to keep humans and everyone safe. When he finds Riley, he can smell she’s different but can’t figure out why. Then Riley is put in jeopardy and Derek can’t stay away from her and will protect her with his life.

This story got good at the end. The first was so confusing and it didn’t help that the dialogue for the main characters was all together. But if you like werewolves, secrets and action this is for you. ( Hopefully the errors and the run together dialogue will be fixed before published ).

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases November 1, 2018 *

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