Beckett was a green beret and one of his missions went bad. When he gets the news that his father is ill, he decides to leave the military and help his dad. Now he runs the construction business that renovates homes. Sierra is Beckett ‘s best friends little sister and owns a veterinarian clinic. She has always had a crush a Beck but it’s moved way past that stage. Beck holds her at arms length because he has to much baggage and doesn’t think he’d be good for her. But the past catches up with him and he must save Sierra because she’s the only light in his dark world.

A real tear jerker, have tissues nearby. Sexy. Talks about the lives of a couple of other characters that I hope we get to hear more about. I loved Beck and Sierra they were both strong and loving people. Also an old, floppy eared dog.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

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