Ophelia and Kyle have been friends for years until friendship turns to love. Kyle had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father who blamed him for his mother’s death. Kyle always wanted to be a screenwriter and Ophelia wanted to be a singer. After graduation, they run off to California and get married in Vegas. Kyle starts his career and Ophelia tries to start her singing but they try to make her over or they don’t like her looks so she quits. She loves Kyle but he is becoming more distant and won’t listen to her. She leaves and goes back home to help her mother run her Bed and Breakfast Inn.

Now eight years later, Kyle shows up and wants to stay at Ophelia’s inn while working on a new script. Kyle has made it big in Hollywood but wants to get away from action movies and do something different. He believes the story can be written in his hometown with his friends nearby. Ophelia doesn’t want him staying but ends up letting him but he must follow her rules. Kyle wants a second chance with the only woman he has ever loved and plans to do everything to get her back. He has three months to convince her to give them another shot.

When the script is finished and a big time director wants to make it, he promises Ophelia he’ll be back. She takes a chance and believes him but doesn’t want him to sell his soul for the story. Once he realizes her side of why she left, he realized he put her second and won’t make the same mistake again.

I absolutely loved this story. Friends to lovers, then barely friends, and back to lovers. Witty and some sarcasm, steamy love scenes, a drunk father, and two people who try to make it work a second time now that they are older. Of course I haven’t read a bad story by Ms. Probst and this one was fantastic to me.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Release date is October 23, 2018 *

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