Zahara is a stunt woman and works for Renegades. She finishes a movie with Chase. She is attracted to him but doesn’t trust men. After the movie wraps, he puts it all on the line but she turns him down. But she goes to bar where he at and they end up spending the weekend together. She leaves to a movie shoot and comes back to Chase with his ex at a party. Chase tells her its for the paparazzi and to keep her ex away from her. Zahara gets a big contract with a movie and Chase ends up filling in for the actor who was fired. She starts feeling bad and think it’s stress but she finds out she’s pregnant. Chase is so big hearted he makes several mistakes with Zahara and ends up getting her fired by accident. Can he win her back and be a family with her?

Absolutely loved this story. Poor Chase can’t seem to do anything right with Zahara. Romantic and angst. Sex and a surprise baby.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *

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