Alex is an exotic animal veterinarian. Zatar is prince of Kattahar and owns a zoo that rehabilitates animals. His lioness is sick and pregnant and he sends for Alex. Alex checks out the lioness and prescribes some medicine and goes to leave. The meds must be ordered and Zatar keeps Alex there, against her wishes, until the medicine arrives and the animal starts feeling better. They have a sudden connection and the sparks fly between them. But his father, the King, disapproves and orders Alex away. Zatar disagrees with his father and the King leaves, leaving Zatar in charge. When an accident happens, Zatar must lead a country and hopefully with a Queen by his side.

A kidnapping, a prince, a vet, and a harem. Good story and wonderful characters. Sexy scenes and almost a love at first sight story.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

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