Kaya is a dragon shifter and a thief. Trey is a wolf shifter visiting Vegas. He wakes up the next morning hung over with a beautiful woman in his bed. When the beauty takes his ninety thousand dollars he won, and jumps off the balcony, as bear shifters are breaking in, and flies off with his money. Her sister is being held because she owes some money to pay off her debts and if Kaya doesn’t deliver, she’s dead. But the wolf gets her car and is chased by gargoyles and then runs right back into her. They are deciding what to do when a pack of wolves shows up and takes them to their alpha. Now Trey has to fight to save their lives and Kaya’s sister too.

Funny, sexy, and action. A dragon and wolf are mates 😮. With a sister who causes all kinds of trouble.

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