Jolie owns her own fashion design company. She doesn’t believe in love because she’s watched her mother go through three divorces and working on her fourth. She doesn’t need a man to keep her up or show her her own worth. Heath is a former MI5, widow, and now is a security consultant. He only has one night stands and never has a repeat with the same woman. But the feisty, independent Jolie piques his interest but for only one night but after having her he wants more. Jolie will let no man control her but soon learns that give. Up a little in the bedroom isn’t so bad.

Someone breaks in to her office but gets away, throws a brick through her window at home, and is shot at. Her sister is receiving gifts but one is sort of threatening to Jolie. Heath has fallen head over heels and will do anything to keep from losing another woman he loves.

Very sexy, suspense, humor, and action. I adored both of these characters and hope to see more of Jolie’s sister and Cutter, a bodyguard.

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