Mozart is a Navy SEAL and has been looking for the man that kidnapped and killed his little sister nineteen years ago. He travels to Big Bear Lake in California and stays at some run down cabins.

Summer is divorced, lost her job and homeless. She gets a job

at the motel cleaning the cabins and sleeps in a little shed. When some drunk women show up and start discussing the scars on Mozart’s face, Summer acts like she’s his lover and puts them women in their place. He takes her out to eat but has to go back but promises he’ll be back.

When he returns, he finds her freezing in that shack and takes her to his room. But he can’t stay long but he gets the room for her for as long as she wants it. He stocks up on food, clothes, and a microwave and mini fridge for her. While gone, Summer is taken and when Mozart finds out, nothing will stop him from finding her.

Romantic, suspense, action packed, and so very good. What drove me crazy was how it switched from character to another without any space between them. Like a couple of lines between them to know when another person was starting their dialogue. Otherwise I read this within a couple of hours.

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