BEARING IS TOUCH by Eve Langlais… 5 stars

Becka is kidnapped by an abusive man, a man who asked her out and she turned him down. She has tried to escape but he keeps bringing her back. When they are in a penthouse, he leaves and some figures dressed in black break in and try to take her. She gets away and runs and hides in an alley. Stavros was a cop but got fired to having weed. Now he’s a private investigator and finds Becka hiding. He convinces her to go with him because he can keep her safe. He is a bear shifter after all and his bear recognizes her as its mate. Now Stavros doesn’t want to be tied down but when she goes missing again, he knows he’ll do anything to get her back.

Funny, sexy, and suspense. I believe this is one of my favorite stories by Eve. A traumatized woman and a bear who’ll protect her with his life.



FAKE MATED BY THE WOLF by Milly Taiden..4.5 stars

Hawke knew Shawna was his mate the first time he saw her. Shawna works at Hawke’s company mates for hire. When she is fired, she has to take three jobs to keep paying the people who has her mother and brothers. When Hawke finds out, he fires her boss and rehires Shawna to run the match making portion of his company. Hawke needs a date for a function he’s attending and gets Shawna to go with him. Shawna returns home and the men looking for her family takes her and her friend, Robbie a homeless man, into her apartment and threatens her if she doesn’t tell where her family is. Can Hawke save her before she gets hurt?

Great story. Sex and a little mystery. The only thing was Hawke’s name, Hawke Hawke. At first I thought it was a typo but nope that’s his name.



Ellie works at a diner and is over three hundred years old. A witch put a curse on her that she can’t leave her town and she will never die. Colin is a werewolf and has applied for sentry duty, same as law enforcement for the supernatural. He stops at a diner and meets Ellie, his true mate, but their first interaction is not very friendly. Colin goes out scouting and falls off a cliff, every bone is broken and it takes awhile to heal. Ellie comes along and finds him and takes her back to his cabin. They have sex and Colin explains what a mate is and Ellie explains about her predicament. He goes back to his pack to talk to his Alpha and they find out that a spell was put on the perimeter of the town. At the four corners should be a piece that can be destroyed and takes the curse off that side. So Colin and Ellie set out and find all three but at the forth is more difficult and Ellie doesn’t know if she wants it destroyed because then she might lose the best adventure ever, with Colin.

Great story. Funny and sexy. Will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the best story I have read by Ms. Baxter.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases October 2, 2018 *

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