Shayna is starting a new job in D.C. at a newspaper as a photojournalist. Her brother sets her up to live with one of his best friends until she can find a place. Billy is a former Army Ranger and was in an explosion and discharged from the army. He is fighting his own demons and fighting and sex is the only thing that quiets the voices. Shayna has her own demons and both are suffering from survivors guilt. Billy tries to keep his hands off but it gets harder and harder the more time he spends with her. When she finds her a place to stay with a co-worker, Billy thinks he’s lost her forever. Can he get his head out of his butt and admit his feelings for her?

Sexy and beautifully written. Billy is a butthead at first but gets better in the book. Funny and a little sad. You do not want to miss the second story of this series. It is a standalone.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *

* Releases September 10, 2018 *

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