Cecilia works for the CDC in Atlanta but is in Detroit working on a flu. People are turning into animals and some are dying. Hank is a bear shifter and kidnaps the doctor and takes her to his Alpha. The only way to get her to believe in shifters is to show her. Cecilia is a science person and is intrigued when Hank shifts. Hank feels a connection to her and thinks she might be is mate but she doesn’t believe in magic but she is attracted to him too. Hank is protective and possessive of Cecilia and Hank calms Cecilia and brings her peace. But there are wolves out there that want her to work for them but when she declines, they lock her in a lab with the doctor who helped make the virus.

Will Hank be able to convince Cecilia of his love or will she think his feelings will pass in a couple of days?

Good story. Hank is a hunk and has to talk his bear into staying calm. Cecilia is smart and beautiful. Steamy, action, shifters, and crazy doctors.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Release date September 11, 2018 *

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