Talia is a professor and likes to stay in her comfort zone. She had her heart broken in college and never let another man near it. On her way to work, she’s arguing on the phone with her family and almost hits a man walking in front of her. His eyes are the thing she notices first. He’s sexy with long hair and a smoking body. Derek works as a bartender, a dancer, goes to college, and takes care of his father who has Alzheimer’s. He asks her to meet him at the bar. She goes and finds out he not only dances but takes his clothes off except for a little g-string. She is so out of her comfort zone she can’t even see it anymore. Derek tells her he wants to open an adult day care and him dancing gets him closer to that goal.

They start to see each other but it’s hard when he’s his father’s caretaker. Talia understands and does what she can to make it easier on Derek. She still hasn’t told her family about Derek dancing but when she does they are all supportive but now she must tell Derek that she’s just now telling them. He’s hurt and thinks she’s ashamed of him. Can she convince him she’ll love him not matter what?

A responsible, straight laced woman and a hunky, caring, dancer/stripper. Romance, sex, and a big, rowdy family. Very good story and I can’t wait for Piper’s story.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases September 11, 2018 *

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