Raven works for her family’s real estate business but when her best friend goes missing in Alaska, she goes to look for her. Her mother wants grandchildren and hires Gerri, a paranormal matchmaker, to find her a man. Gerri sends two dragon shifters who also work for a security company. Ice and Frost have been looking for their mate for years. They go to their home in Alaska for a vacation when Gerri calls and wants them to protect Raven while she’s there. Upon meeting her, they know she’s their mate. She is happy to have help looking for her friend Juliet. When she finds out both are attracted to her, she can’t believe her luck. Two hunky guys wanting her. But she must find out what happened to Juliet but no one in town has seen her in a couple of days. When Raven figures out the town is being poisoned, she goes to the sheriff but he’s in on it too. So the bad guy sets them at the bottom of the mountain and let’s off an explosion but the dragon boys save them. Raven’s mom shows with the National Guard and thanks the guys for protecting her. Raven gets the wrong idea and leaves the guys. But Ice and Frost will do anything to get their mate back even return to the city. Can they convince Raven of their love?

Two dragon shifters, a beautiful, spunky woman and a missing bestie. Ms. Taiden always writes sexy, smoking hot stories. M/F/M, double penetration and you’ll need a cold shower after this book.

* Received this from Booksprout and voluntarily read and reviewed it *

* Releases September 14, 2018 *

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