River runs her family’s outdoor adventures business. First her husband leaves and takes all her money and then she gets credit card bills that he has opened in her name. Then her father passes away after a lengthy illness. She needs all the business she can get to stay open. Jax is one of the Lost Boys, he remembers nothing before he woke up three years ago. He was held by a crazy doctor who was experimenting on men to make super soldiers.

Jax and the rest of the boys are in Bliss, Colorado looking for a testing facility hidden in the forest. They are hoping there is a cure or at least something telling them who they used to be. They hire River’s business to take them into the forest. They lie and say they are a production company looking to film a documentary. When River finds out they lied, she wants nothing to do with Jax. But she won’t let him go into the forest alone. Someone else wants that research for themselves and will do whatever it takes to get it.

OMG! I have waited for one of the Lost Boys story and was not disappointed. Ms. Blake always delivers a book where you don’t know if you want to cry or scream at the characters. Panty melting sex scenes. Action, hilarious, suspense and romantic. Secrets and backstabbing. A cute puppy and guys you will love and laugh at.

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