ViVi is a single mother who’s son doesn’t talk. He was seeing a doctor in Minneapolis, they go to the mall when terrorists attack. She hides him in a cabinet while she goes look for a way out. Jed is a FBI agent on vacation to visit his family over the holidays. He is in the mall when the attack happens. Many are killed and injured he gets ViVi out but she is enraged because he won’t let her get her son Michael. Jed goes back in and brings him out.

When it’s learned that Michael might have heard something, seeing as most of the terrorists were in the toy store with him, they are taken to a safe house. But they find them there and kill a doctor and the two agents protecting them. Jed hides them in his vehicle and takes him to his cabin on his family’s land. When her ex shows up and takes them with him, Jed lets them go thinking they’ll be safer. He realizes he’s falling for her and hopes she’ll forgive him for his stupid mistakes.

Another great story by Ms. Anderson. Her COLD series is full of action, suspense and sex. A tiny bit confusing at first but gets explained.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed *

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