Mallory is an FBI agent who’s twin sister was taken eighteen years ago. They never found her kidnapper or her body. That is the reason she became an agent. Alex owns a security company and works for a clandestine group that has him assassin serial killers, pedaphiles, or anyone they suspect of being evil.

Mallory figures a vigilante is killing the perpetrators before the police arrive and she is transferred to the BAU unit. On the anniversary of her sister’s kidnapping, she plans on getting drunk but Alex shows up and she figures a one night stand will work to take her mind off her sister. Alex has been keeping an eye on Mallory to make sure she doesn’t connect him to the killings. But someone is out there taking women and raping and killing them and leaving PR carved on them. As she gets closer to capturing the killer, he’s also after her but Alex will protect her with his life.

Excellent story. Great characters. Suspense, mystery, sex, and secrets. Absolutely loved this story and can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

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