Tate has had a rough childhood being from the wrong side of town with an alcoholic father and a mother who slept around. She raised her brother’s and sister and took most of the abuse from their father. She’s had a crush on Matt for years but he’s from the wealthy side of town. Matt is a firefighter and comes to Tate’s rescue when she’s bumped by a car. She sends him cookies and goes to thank her and can’t believe he’s never noticed her before. But Tate has some issues with her weight and is constantly putting herself down. Matt loves her the way she is but it’s tough to get her to quit thinking she’s fat. And the town thinks she’s trash and Matt deserves better but Matt has found the woman he’s been longing for.

Fair story but Tate constantly putting herself down drove me crazy. I like where Matt’s family bring her and her family into the fold. Calling her vagina a gate is just weird. I give this a 3.9 stars. The sex is hot. The story was good it was just the characters who needed tweaked.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

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