Shannon’s father was killed in their driveway eighteen years ago. Her mother is in jail for hiring a hit man for his insurance money. She was to be a dancer but tore her ACL and couldn’t dance the way she used to. Her fiancé, Brent, gets a job in L. A. and wants her to go with him but she got a job as choreographer in New York. So they break up.

Now Brent owns nightclubs all over and is hiring Shay Dance Company to provide back up dancers. Shannon knows Brent owns the club but Brent doesn’t know that Shay is Shannon. Now that Brent has found Shannon again he doesn’t intend to lose her again. Shannon doesn’t want to have her heartbroken again but she can’t help but fall for the man Brent has become.

They hope to get their happily ever after finally but they get news that her father’s murder investigation is being reopened.

Excellent story with great characters. Sex, secrets, and a little cliffhanger. Can’t wait to read the next one.

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