Lydia lives in New Hampshire and waitresses at a restaurant. She gets a call from her sister telling her her and her husband are separating and she needs Lydia to come back to Boston and work their family bar for awhile. Aiden is a firefighter and Lydia’s brother’s best friend. He has always had a crush on her but she wants nothing to do with firefighters. Her ex, her father and brother are one and she knows the brotherhood comes before anyone else.

They can’t keep their hands off each other but must keep it a secret because firefighters aren’t supposed to date another’s sister. So they lie to everyone while having incredible sex. Once the cats out of the bag, things go downhill between Lydia, her brother and Aiden.

When her sister reconciles with her husband she knows it time to go back home. Aidan realizes he loves her but can he give up his job and keep Lydia or will he lose her forever?

Excellent story. Lydia is pushing and pulling away from Aidan, she can’t make her mind up. A little funny with some steamy sex. Firefighters and the women who try to love them. A roller coaster of an affair where there are plenty of ups and down.

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