You can never go wrong reading a Cynthia Eden book. They are sexy, suspenseful, and action packed. This one is about the Lazarus Project guys. They are men who have been killed, given an injection and rise from the dead. The only way they can be killed is a shot to the head. They have psychic abilities, super strength, and super speed along with some extras that are each different depending on the man.

Jett is sent to rescue a woman kidnapped and being held for ransom. Savannah can hear peoples thoughts and is kidnapped by her lover. Once Jett rescues her, he knows there is something special about her. He knows he has to leave her once she’s safe but it kills him to leave.

Three months later he shows back up and Savannah doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. But Jett knows she’s in danger because she’s carrying his baby. The first baby conceived by a Lazarus test subject. He will protect her and his baby at all costs. The Lazarus project has been destroyed but there are still people out there that want them. Jett and his team has to figure out who is after Savannah and how to eliminate them.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for the author *

* Releases August 21, 2018 *

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