Journey comes from a very rich, influential, and the worse type of people on Earth. They had sold Journey to a man to marry when she turned of age. She didn’t want to and after being kidnapped by her father and grandfather, she’s rescued and then goes on the run. Her father and grandfather are in prison but someone still wants her dead, so she hides for four years,. Until she become friends with Amara who is the daughter of her family’s worst enemy.

Ivan is a Russian and has not been able to keep away from Journey. But Ivan at first doesn’t know she’s Journey he knows her as Crimsyn. He is drawn to her and has sex with her. When he returns the next morning she’s gone. It takes a couple of weeks to find her but when he does he brings her to his home. Journey has been in love with Ivan for years. He has a plan to bring her family down. She becomes his fiancée but she wants the whole illusion, a man who loves her. What she doesn’t believe is that he really does love her. When it’s announced that they were secretly married, her family has to turn over the companies to Ivan. That’s when the person responsible for almost kidnapping her and having her and Ivan shot, shows their face.

A totally sexy, suspenseful story. With surprises and secrets. I don’t want to give to much away. This is an excellent story with some old friends from previous books. The sex is out of this world and the action will leave you on the edge of your seat.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases August 28, 2018 *

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