Ronan is a purebred vampire. He is one of the oldest alive and very powerful. He hunts Savages , who are vampires that kill innocents and vampires and stink of garbage. Kadence is a hunter and they hunt vampires and kill them. Her brother is the leader of the hunters. The women are trained for being wives and mothers. Kadence doesn’t want to be married off, she escapes the stronghold and follows her brother who is looking for the vampire that killed their father.

Ronan ends up rescuing her after she is bitten by the Savage. He has his owns problems controlling his beast but with Kadence around, she calms him. Ronan finally figures out what’s so special about her…she’s his mate. But he wants her to see the world but she comes back to him.

The Hunters and the vampires team up to take out the savages. But it will take awhile for them to trust each other. Until the savage that killed their father is eliminated, Ronan will keep training her and protecting her with his life.

Vampires and vampire hunters. Action, blood, sex, and a little cliffhanger. Need to put more space between characters dialogue when it changes to a different person. It sort of runs all together. Can’t wait to read the next on though.

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