Jenna is an experienced surfer and helps her dad at his surfboard shop. She is going to Hawaii because she has a stalker. Connor was in Special Forces and a dragon shifter. Connor is an Alpha but must share the responsibilities with a female dragon until one can be chosen, he is starting a new job with his brother’s and a team member. He is seated to Jenna on the plane and is attracted to her but can tell something is bothering her. Her sister is living in Maui with her shifter mate and is totally shocked to find out her sister is a shifter now too. Connor lives just down the road and can’t believe his good luck. His dragon knows she’s his mate but he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. When the stalker gets too close, Connor will give his life to save her.

I absolutely loved this story. It has dragons, tigers, wolves, and bears. Jenna is strong and goes after what she wants. Connor is handsome and wants to prove that he’s more than a screw up in. Sexy and action.

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