Ella has always wanting to be an actor. Her Papa took her to a restaurant every year on her birthday and told her to shoot for the stars. The last time she was getting ready to leave for college and met a busboy, Hank. He made a date four years from that day to meet back here. Both are interesting in acting and move in together. After being together for months her birthday arrives and she’s expecting an engagement ring but he tells he he got a part and is leaving. She is heartbroken and ends up in Charleston with her friends running a matchmaking business. Ella still performs in community theater and is happy. Until she finds out Hank is shooting a movie in her town. The only reason Hank took the part was to try and win Ella back but it won’t be near as easy as he hopes. She gets a small part in the movie and is living with Hank and his cousin Pammy. Ella is afraid of being hurt again but she still loves him.

Second chance at love. There is a push and pull between Ella and Hank. She pulls him close and then pushes away with her other hand. The characters were decent but Roberta and Miss Thing stole the story. Romantic. Family secrets. And each must make a decision about the future.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases August 28, 2018 *

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