5 stars for VAMPIRE’S FAITH by @RebeccaZanetti

Faith is a doctor and an Enhanced human. She can get into the minds of coma patients and help them wake up. Her sister has been in one for two years and she can’t reach her. Ronan is one of the Seven and half vampire half demon. They were formed to guard an evil man. His shield collapses and he was buried under a mountain until he was found. Ronan is thousands of years old and wakes up in this time. As soon as he touches Faith, the mating mark appears on his hand. Faith doesn’t believe any of this but she is slowly convinced by the things Ronan can do. When she is kidnapped Ronan will do anything to get her back.

I absolutely loved this book. It is funny, suspenseful, and very sexy. It will keep you on the edge of your seat while also wondering what will happen next.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley *

* Releases June 19, 2018 *

By B.K.

I am married with three children. One son, a step son, and step daughter. I am going to give this a try so bare with me. I love to read.

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