Christian is English and was a SAS, Special Air Service. He is handsome, funny, and had a rough childhood. He was captured by Iraqi police officers and tortured. He was thrown under the bus when a shootout occurs and several are killed.

Emily is the office manager at BKI. She is witty, pretty, and independent. She doesn’t believe in love because of her family. She grew up in Chicago and acts tough but is still a little girl wanting to loved on the inside.

Someone has leaked Christian’s name to the press and they are camped out in front of the little cottage they are staying in. They must somehow get to the airport where a pilot is waiting to take them home but someone is chasing them and catches them at the hangar. They hide in a old house turned into a museum. Christian decides to make his move on Emily when he, Emily, Angel, Ace and Rusty get stuck in the manor. She agrees but just as long as Christian doesn’t fall in love with her. She doesn’t want to lose the family she has at BKI. 

Can two people who constantly bicker keep their relationship on a friends with benefits only? Will Christian wear her down and get her to admit her feelings? Or will he lose the only woman he has ever said ‘ I love you’ to? Funny, sexy, and fast paced. I laughed and wanted to cry for them both. 

* Voluntarily reviewed this for Netgalley *



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