First time reading this author and I loved it! Four Aussie orphans save an American boy and are adopted and brought to America. Seth is computer smart and has a company that develops apps. He and his adopted brother, Dillon, run the company and are about to sell it for fifty million dollars. 
Harper is the daughter of the buyer and literally falls into Seth’s arms. Harper owns a little coffee shop and is the black sheep of the family. She’s a little curvy and doesn’t changer herself for anyone. Seth sweeps her off her feet but the next day, someone is posting things on the internet about Harper, Seth and his brothers. While the brothers hunt down the imposter, they post the stuff acting as if Seth is doing it, Harper’s apartment is burglarized. To keep her safe, Seth takes her to his place. But when the posts are led back to Harper, has he fell for the wrong woman?

Sex that’ll turn your pages to ashes it’s so hot. A little bondage. Secrets. Suspense. And four hot, Aussie men.



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