Paige is in Ireland visiting her brother and attending a vet conference, when she comes across a gorgeous man taking pictures. She goes to a little coffee shop and he’s there snapping pictures of her. He offers her a tour around the little town and wind up in bed together. She gets a call that her brother had been shot and she rushes off to the hospital. Thinking she’d never see him again.
Conor splits his time between Ireland and Seattle. He is a photographer and from a wealthy family but he has worked hard and earned his own way. His family own a whiskey distillery but it’s just a front for their slightly illegal activities. He hasn’t been able to get Paige off his mind so after a month and a half in Seattle he heads back to Ireland and tries to find Paige’s brother. He is surprised when he finds him and gets punched in the jaw.

Paige has been hunting Conor for almost two months and when they finally find each other, they are both ecstatic. But trouble comes to his family and his father is in a car wreck. They have some very bad enemies and he doesn’t want Paige involved.

Will the danger ever pass so they can be together or are they doomed before they really get started?

Plenty of sex. Surprises. Secrets. This is a love at first site story and if you believe in that you’ll love this. It leaves you with a little bitty cliffhanger to make you read the next one. Still enjoyed the book.


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