Gabby has lived a solitary life under her grandfather’s thumb. He is a mean, nasty man who is one of the most ruthless men around. She is guarded twenty four/ seven and has had a miserable life. She plans her own kidnapping to get away and is helped by the Justice group. They will provide her with a new identity and a place to live until the trouble passes.
Jonah is assigned to be her protector. His father framed him and he spent three years in jail. While there, his girlfriend was abducted and then her body was found later, without her head. He wants vengeance on the man who killed her. His father hired a hit man and now that he’s dead, he wants the assassin but first he has to find out his name. 

While hiding Gabby, Jonah feels an attraction to her but feels guilty because of his dead fiancé. The more he’s with her, the more he realizes she’s not a spoiled princess like he first thought. Her grandfather finds them so they must move to another secure place. Once the time comes for her to leave and start a new life, she hopes to keep seeing Jonah but he wants her to live out her wishes and dreams and lets her go. Until some others came and take her, will Jonah get to her in time or will lose another woman he loves?

Edge of your seat suspense. Sexual tension. Secrets. Awesome characters. Makes up stay up and read it until the very end. And of course you may need some tissues.


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