Excellent story. A budding model gets the job of a lifetime. The sex is phenomenal. A little mystery. Bayli moves to New York to be a model after her mother passes away. She tries to get a hostess job at one of the most famous restaurants. When she has a run in with the Chef, she decides to try his friend and partner, about the job.

Christian. is part owner of the restaurant business with his best friend, Rory. When he sees Bayli at a party working as a cigar girl, he knows she’s the one for him and Rory, professionally and personally. Christian. and Rory are trying to set up a cooking tv show but couldn’t find the right woman until now.

Rory is a famous Chef with restaurants all over the place. He’s the grumpy one compared to . Christian’s laid back attitude. But he goes after what he wants and he wants Bali. 

Someone is stalking Bayli and the men who’ve fallen for her will do anything to protect her.

* Received a copy from Netgalley *

* Release Day September 6, 2017*


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