Kasey is a single mother who lives in a rundown cottage on the beach. She loves to cook, has a small catering service, and has a blog on the internet. She got pregnant when she was fifteen and was a widow a couple of months later. When the cottage next door is rented, her and her best friend go to ogle the men.
Reese is a Bradford, police officer, and was just humiliated by his ex fiancé. He had rented a cottage for his honeymoon but takes his two cousins and their family with him. He is incredible sexy and has a twin brother. 

When Kasey gets stuck trying to stop a water leak, he comes to the rescue and sees what a mess her house is in. She had planned on renovating it herself but Reese convinced her to let him do them. She is terrified of getting into a relationship but Reese wears her down. But like all Bradford men will he mess it up before he gets a chance to win his girl?

I laughed the whole time reading this. I loved Reese and Kasey. Some smoking hot sex scenes. I can’t wait for the next one.  You’ll never go wrong buying one of Ms. Mathewson’s books.


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