Cassie works for a record company and loves to party. She doesn’t want to settle down and enjoys her life. Theo is a musician and loves the women who throw themselves at him. He has known Cassie since he was five and have always been fascinated with her, but the time was never right.
Now he’s in town to record a demo and runs into Cassie at a club where he’s playing. They flirt but they each go their own way. Cassie is surprised Theo is her new client at work. They set up a scheme to get her best friend Ally and Theo’s brother Jonah together.

Theo realizes he wants Cassie for life but he’ll have to convince her he’s in it for the long haul.

Wild sex. I have always hated the double standard people have for men and women…if a man sleeps around he gets high fives and praise. If a woman does it she’s a slut. I think it’s wrong. Great story and can’t wait to read Cori’s story.


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